Discount Dentistry – 5 Companies Who Offer Affordable Dental Plans

Discount Dentistry - 5 Companies Who Offer Affordable Dental Plans

Dental insurance is expensive. Anyone who says that dental insurance has become affordable or the premiums are reasonable isn’t exactly painting the right picture. There are some dental insurance programs run by the federal, state and local governments but they are primarily aimed at individuals or households with low income. Even then, those programs are often not all inclusive. Normal cleanings can become affordable with such insurance coverage but the more expensive treatments will be exempted.

Dental plans are the ideal alternative to dental insurance. What is also known as discount dentistry, dental plans are often developed by private companies, dental practices and associations of dentists. There are many such companies offering relatively affordable dental plans. Here are five such companies that you can consider.

  • Discount Dentistry - 5 Companies Who Offer Affordable Dental PlansDiscount Dental Care from HealthCard4Free is an option. The plan offers anywhere from 20% to 75% savings on most dental procedures. You can get the discount for checkups, X-rays, unlimited cleanings, braces, dentures, bridges, root canals, implants and crowns, cosmetic bonding, veneers and emergency care among others. There are more than 157,000 dental practices in this program or in their network so it is likely that you will find a dentist or dental clinic nearby that would be in the ambit of Discount Dental Care.
  • Dental Plans is another option. You can save anywhere from 10% to 60% on usual fees for dental appointments, diagnoses and treatments. The savings offered by Dental Plans Inc vary from place to place and there are many plans to choose from. You can choose a type of plan that suits your needs. There are family plans and individual plans for specific types of treatments as well which tend to make them more affordable.
  • Aetna has various types of dental plans which you can choose from. There are DMO plans which save money on primary care and maintenance of oral health. There are PPO and PDN plans which are Preferred Provider Organization and Participating Dental Network plans respectively. Depending on your need and where you are, you can choose a plan that suits you.
  • Delta Dental has a large network of dentists where you can have a family plan, group plan or individual plan making dental diagnoses and treatments more affordable. This company also has several networks to choose from.
  • Dental Insurance is a website that allows you to compare dental plans of various companies. It isn’t exactly a provider of dental plans but the company allows you to choose from dozens of plans including Nationwide, Delta Dental and Humana among others. Comparing their plans will almost always lead you to choose the most affordable and yet the most comprehensive one.

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